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SLUGS has been organizing the annual Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (TULCON), one of the first academic conferences for undergrad linguists in North America, since its first iteration in March 2008. TULCON is usually held in early March at St. George Campus of the University of Toronto.

Over the years, we have the pleasure to welcome many distinguished undergrad linguists from across the world to present their fascinating research. We are also honoured to host our keynote speakers who devote their time to discuss some interesting and important topics in linguistics today with our audience. SLUGS is looking forward to continuing the effort of fostering undergraduate research in the field of linguistics through TULCON.

Tulcon 17


Here are the archived pages for the previous TULCONs, where you can find the information including the abstracts of presentations:

˚Hosted on the Google Site service.

*Hosted on our former website which is no longer maintained after Winter 2016.

Regrettably we cannot retrieve the websites for former TULCONs (Some blog posts about TULCON 7 (2014) & 8 (2015) are on our former site, but the schedules and abstracts can not longer be accessed). Some information may be found on our Facebook page, U of T linguistics department’s blog, or in physical archives.