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Election 2021

Fall 2021 By-Election

If you are looking for information about our April General Election, please scroll down.

Vote in the by-election

Vote Here (UTORid required)

This by-election is hold to elect a new Design and Marketing Coordinator, as the general election did not result in a new exec for this position.

To vote, you must be an active member of SLUGS, i.e. you are enrolled in at least one LIN/JAL/JLP/JLS course in the St. George Campus for this academic year, and/or they are enrolled in a program (Linguistics Specialist, Major, Minor) provided by the Department of Linguistics.

This by-election will be held online. The voting system will open at 8am on Sep 10, Toronto Time to 11:59pm of the same day. If you have any question, please direct it to

Candidate information

Nomination period for the Fall 2021 SLUGS by-election is now over.

The responsibilities of the Design and Marketing Coordinator of SLUGS include:

  • The design of promotional materials for SLUGS events, including posters, Facebook banners, etc.;
  • The design of the visual identity for the Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (TULCON);
  • The maintenance of SLUGS’ social media presence, including posting announcements and notices on our Facebook and Instagram;
  • The maintenance of SLUGS’ website.

Here are the candidates’ personal statements and design samples:

Yiran Gao (3rd year)

Nomination received on Sept 7, 2021.

Hi everyone! I’m Yiran and I’m running for Design & Marketing coordinator. I participated in Enactus entrepreneurship program and have some experience with website design and social media promotion. I’d like to create a comprehensive list of resources for undergraduate linguistics students on the SLUGS website including linguistics study, graduate programs, career options, summer schools, research assistantship opportunities, and networking events. I will continue the amazing work of our previous coordinator to build the unique image of SLUGS on social media. I’m also very interested in helping to design linguistics-inspired merch. My design experience is minimal, but I’m happy to learn and experiment with new tools and I hope to bring my drawing experience to graphics design.

Anna Tram (4th year)

Nomination received on Sept 8, 2021. Past Design Sample

Hi! I’m Anna, a linguistics specialist going into my fourth year of studies. Last year’s virtual TULCON promotional materials caught my eye with their clean, playful design and I ended up attending to listen in on a few talks by some of you. As your Design and Marketing Coordinator, I hope to continue to deliver high-quality designs to attract more students to SLUGS’ events in the same way that it did for me and keep SLUGS’ social media presence fun and engaging! I also would like to expand our merch selection and would be open to ideas on what YOU want to see in-store. 🙂

Throughout my undergrad, I’ve gained experience with designing and making content for social media and web as an illustrator for UofT’s Science Communication Club and UDesign Studio (feel free to browse my work by searching for them). My recent summer employment experience with the Ontario Public Service has also given me ample opportunity to design visuals aligning with the province’s visual identity, write copy for social media, as well as edit and publish content on their website. My hope is that these experiences will allow me to easily settle into the role and provide a fresh perspective to it. I’m eager to involve myself more in the linguistics community at UofT by contributing in the ways I know how – through design! Thanks everyone, and I hope we see each other on-campus soon!

Libby Wrightman (3rd year)

Nomination received on Sept 8, 2021. Design Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3.

This past year was my first year of university and it was an interesting start. As the world begins to reopen, I am looking for opportunities to network and meet others. With my first year of university being completely virtual, I am looking for a way to get to know people that are in my program sharing an interest in linguistics. During this past summer, I have been creating content for my residence council’s social media and have found that it is something that I enjoyed the process of. I feel that by joining SLUGS in this capacity, I would be able to not only network with people already in the group but also to inform others wanting to participate about how they can do so.

General Election 2021 (Archived)

The voting period of 2021 SLUGS Election has ended.

The general election of the executive team of the Society of Linguistics Undergraduate Students in the 2021-2022 academic year will be held on Monday, April 12th this year. We encourage all the undergraduate linguistics students who want to involve in SLUGS operation and help their fellow students to run for the positions they are interested in. All of the SLUGS exec positions, including 1 internal president, 1 external president, 1 social coordinator, 2 academic coordinator, 1 secretary and 1 design and marketing coordinator, are up for election.

Candidate Information


If you want to run in the election, you need to be able to vote in the election.

All current members of SLUGS, including students who are graduating this year, can vote in the election. You are a SLUGS member if you are currently:

  1. An ASSU member, AND
  2. Registered in one or more LIN/JAL/JLP/JLS courses, OR
  3. Registered in a program provided by the linguistics department at St George campus.

You are an ASSU member if you are (adapted from the ASSU constitution):

  1. A full-time undergraduate student of the Faculty of Arts and Science registered on St George campus, OR
  2. A undergraduate student of the Faculty of Arts and Science registered on St George campus who doesn’t have full time status but pays the union fee.


Click here for the Nomination From

The nomination process is now open through April 11th. You can only nominate yourself and you may authorize others to fill out the form for you.

Here are the conditions for the nomination:

The nominee needs to meet the above eligibility conditions.

A person could be nominated for more than one positions. However, if they win in two or more positions, they can only choose one of them.

All candidates must submit a promotional statement explaining their qualifications. Those who are running for design and marketing coordinator also need to submit a portfolio of at least one piece of work.

Notes on Academic Coordinators

Starting from the 2019-2020 academic year, two Academic Events Coordinator positions will be elected every year rather than one. The top two candidates who receive the most votes for this positions will both be elected.

Notes on Information Collection

SLUGS will not use the information collected in the form for any purposes other than internal records of this election.


Here are the duties of the positions as described in the SLUGS constitution, with the numbers of the position openings indicated in the brackets:

The External President of SLUGS (1) ​is responsible for SLUGS’ external operations and ensuring SLUGS meets its responsibilities to ASSU. S/he serves as the President of SLUGS for the purposes of ASSU, and is expected to attend ASSU’s regular meetings. The External President must organize SLUGS’ annual constitutional review meeting and disseminate the results. The External President is responsible for maintaining SLUGS’ receipts and submitting them to ASSU at the end of each semester. The External President shares the responsibility of submitting SLUGS’ budget to ASSU with the Internal President.

The Internal President of SLUGS (1) ​is responsible for managing SLUGS’ internal operations and serving as a liaison with the Department. The Internal President must attend the Linguistics Departmental meetings to report on SLUGS activities and represent the concerns of the general membership of SLUGS to the Department. The Internal President must schedule SLUGS’

internal executive meetings and ensure that SLUGS duties are fairly delegated among and carried out by executive members. The Internal President is primarily responsible for keeping inventory of SLUGS items; however, this duty may be delegated or shared with the Secretary if this is agreed to by both the Internal President and the Secretary in an executive meeting. The Internal President shares the responsibility of submitting SLUGS’ budget to ASSU with the External President.

The Social Events Coordinator of SLUGS (1) ​is responsible for organizing and advertising non­academic events to foster a sense of community in the general membership of SLUGS. These events may include games nights, workshops, and the End­of­Term/End­of­Year parties co­hosted with the Department. The Social Events Coordinator must be proficient in representing SLUGS on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) and write up advertising blurbs for events. The Social Events Coordinator may collaborate on events with the Academic Events Coordinator, or with other executive members who require assistance advertising to the general membership. The Social Events Coordinator shares responsibility for forwarding advertisements for events to the SLUGS Listserv with the Academic Events Coordinator. The Social Events Coordinator must work with the Academic Events Coordinator and the Design and Marketing Coordinator to create SLUGS presentation at clubs promotional events such as Clubs Day.

The Academic Events Coordinator of SLUGS (2) ​is responsible for organizing and advertising academic events. S/he must organize academic seminars at least as often as required of a course union by ASSU, including arranging to find speakers and present honoraria. The Academic Events Coordinator would also be responsible for arranging any study resources organized by SLUGS, such as Facilitated Study Groups or a directory to Linguistics course groups on Facebook or a syllabus bank. The Academic Events Coordinator may collaborate on events with the Social Events Coordinator and shares responsibility for forwarding advertisements for events to the SLUGS Listserv with the Social Events Coordinator.

The Secretary of SLUGS (1) ​is responsible for monitoring the SLUGS email account, responding to general inquiries, and forwarding email messages of a specific nature to the appropriate member of the executive committee. S/he is also responsible for keeping minutes of internal and general meetings, and making these available to the Executive Committee and the general membership. The Secretary may also accept responsibility of keeping inventory of SLUGS items if agreed to by both the Secretary and the Internal President in an executive meeting. The Secretary is responsible for managing orders and sales of SLUGS promotional items.

The Design and Marketing Coordinator of SLUGS (1) ​is responsible for maintaining the SLUGS website and creating graphics as needed for SLUGS marketing purposes. Maintaining the SLUGS website here entails posting regular updates on, e.g. SLUGS events and accomplishments of undergraduate linguistics students, and updating the layout as necessary. S/he must be able to create events banners (e.g. for use on Facebook events), posters, and logos (e.g. for TULCON materials) or appoint an able assistant to do so if s/he cannot. The Design and Marketing Coordinator is responsible for designing promotional items such as SLUGS t­shirts. If SLUGS participates in Clubs Day or related clubs promotional events, the Design and Marketing Coordinator is responsible for helping the Events Coordinators create SLUGS’ presentation at these events.