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Prospective Linguists

Undergraduate Studies at U of T

Interested in undergraduate studies in Linguistics at University of Toronto? Have questions? We can help! Feel free to contact us (on Facebook or Instagram or Email) or the undergraduate coordinator (See contact the department)

To be an undergraduate linguistics student in U of T, you will need to apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science first. Please notice that:

  1. You do not apply to a single discipline/major when you apply to the FAS, instead you will state an area of interests.
  2. Regardless of the area of interests stated in your admission, you can enrol in a linguistics program (or any other FAS programs, some may have requirements for enrolment) after the first year.

Graduate Studies at U of T

SLUGS is an undergraduate course union and cannot speak to anything regarding the graduate studies admission. Please refers to the department’s guide on how to apply.

The graduate linguistics course union at U of T is LGCU.