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Linguistics Tools

This page provides an assortment of useful/nice-to-know tools for linguists.



– Phonetic Data


  • PhonoApps by Professor Peter Jurgec → computational and learning tools for phonologists, handy for learning about natural classes, phonological rules, etc.
  • Phonogenesis by Professor Nathan Sanders → generator of novel phonological data, see whether you can solve the generated phonology problems 🥴😂


  • PHOIBLE → database of phonological inventory of languages
  • WALS Online → database of structural properties of languages
  • Ethnologue → language data on all known languages today
  • Glottolog → similar to Ethnologue, but with a focus on language family trees and also provides additional references to each language
  • Grambank → database of features, language universals, etc.

Writing a Paper

– LaTeX

  • LaTeX → still using Google Docs, Word, Pages, etc. to write up your homework assignments and term paper?
  • Overleaf → beginner-friendly online interface for writing documents using LaTeX
  • LaTeX Wikibooks → guide to the basic features of LaTeX

– Reference Management

  • RefWorks → online reference manager, access provided by U of T
  • Zotero → open-source and free reference management software

– Research Guides

Tools for Studying and Reviewing

  • Random Picker Wheel → picker wheel, can be used like a flashcard deck to test whether you truly remember every symbol on the IPA 🫠
  • (previously → free online diagram, flowchart, etc. maker
  • Anki → flashcard software


  • The LINGUIST List → mailing list for linguists operated by the Department of Linguistics at Indiana University, along with a helpful Web Resources list