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Every year, SLUGS dedicates to organize different academic and social events for our vibrant undergrad linguist community. We also sometimes collaborate in event organizing with the linguistics department, different course unions and student societies, and other friends of SLUGS.

The event offerings may differ year-to-year. But here is a non-exhaustive list of the events that we had organized or have been organizing (for the events that are about to be held, please follow the notices on our social pages):

Academic Events

Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs)

Every semester, SLUGS organizes Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs) for our lower-year students in LIN101, LIN102, and some second-year courses including LIN228, LIN229, LIN232, and LIN241. During these sessions, our upper-year volunteers go through course content and clarify any doubts that students might have! FSGs usually take place before mid-terms and finals. Please keep an eye on our notices on our Instagram and Facebook for more details!

Academic Seminars

Every semester we invite a linguist or language worker to talk about their work with our undergrad linguists.

Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (TULCON)

The largest undergraduate linguistics conference in Ontario since 2008. Every year we invite undergrad linguists across the world to present their high-quality research, as well as keynote speakers who are faculties or grad students to talk about their works with our attendees. Usually held in the first weekend of March. See the TULCON page in our menu for more information.

Social Events

Game Nights

SLUGS loves games! Whether it’s in-person boardgames night or virtual trivia afternoon, we have always organized at least one game event every semester.


Started in academic year 2020-21, communiteas host drop-in office hours for students to chat with other students and our execs (also students), relax or just study together to build a greater sense of community amongst our undergraduate linguistic students.

Pub Nights

When the circumstances allow, we usually organize a pub night every semester. All are welcome to join.

Networking Events


Meet-the-profs is an event designed to be a casual setting where the students can chat with linguistics professors of different backgrounds about careers in academia. The first Meet-the-profs was held virtually February 2021.

Alumni Q&As

What can you do with a BA in Linguistics? Surely be on Avenue Q is not available to you anymore (thanks, English majors), but that doesn’t mean all hopes are lost! We held our first Q&As where students discussed about career options with 3 UofT linguistics alums working in tech, marketing and art in March 2020.

Collaborated/Other UofT Linguistics Events

Professor Welcome Teas & Department End of Semester Parties

Every September, the linguistics department holds a welcome tea for new and returning undergraduate students to meet with the faculties. And near the end of every semester the department will hold a party where all undergrad students are welcome.

The Humanities Gala

Organized by SLUGS along with other course unions in humanities disciplines, the first Humanities Gala took place in February 2020. It was fun but you know what happened one month later. We hope to potentially bring this event back in the future!

Administrative Events

General Meetings

SLUGS holds a (sometimes semi-) Annual General Meeting every Fall and/or Winter Semester according to the society by-laws. It is the place for execs to talk about the society’s plan for the coming semester and for members to provide opinions and suggestions for our works. Amendments to the by-laws are also voted on on the general meetings.