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TULCON15 Call for Abstracts

Deadline: End of Day Feb 4, 2022 (Toronto Time)

Please read the following requirement first, then submit your abstract through

We are looking for any original research conducted by undergraduate(s) on a topic related to linguistics. These can come from term papers, or independent studies, or anywhere else!

Abstract Requirements:

One page (excludes citations), singlespace, 12pt Times New Roman. Please submit as PDFs.

Please do not include your name or affiliation on the PDF file. This is so reviews can remain anonymous.

The first author of the study has to be a current undergraduate student (who is working towards a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent), or someone who has graduated as an undergrad within one (1) year from March 6th, 2021 and is NOT enrolled in any postgraduate programs. For the latter case, the study has to be conducted during their undergraduate study. 

There could be more than one presenter. However, all presenters must meet the aforementioned requirements for the first authors (i.e. faculty/grad student co-authors are allowed but they could not be one of the presenters). 


Please send all abstracts to and include “TULCON15 Abstract” and your last name in the subject line. In the body of the e-mail, please also include the following information:

1. Title of abstract

2. Area of linguistics addressed by the abstract (e.g., syntax, phonology, psycholinguistics, etc.)

3. Name(s) and affiliation(s) of presenter(s), including their current undergraduate year(s) of study

4. E-mail address of each presenter

5. Whether you would like to present a poster

A note on poster presentation:

Gather allows us to recreate a similar experience to in-person poster sessions. However, it is understanbly limited by internet connections of participants and other factors. We will have two (2) spaces for poster presentation and please indicate in your email whether you would be interested in presenting your work as a poster. We will NOT switch an oral presentation to poster solely based on you indicating your interests in your abstract submission.


Accepted speakers for talks will have the opportunity to present for 20 minutes, followed by an additional five-minute question period. 

As this year’s conference will be held virtually, we welcome undergraduate students from all around the world to participate. Please feel free to let us know in your email if you require any specific accommodations so that we may prepare them in advance.