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Elections 23–24: Technology director

Brigitte McPartland

Hi! I’m running for the position of Technology Director. I believe I’d be a perfect fit for this position because I am organized and a quick learner, and this newly created position will require both of those assets. I’m also passionate about design and interested in computer programming, which will provide me with a strong foundation to efficiently maintain and update the SLUGS website. I’m hoping to pursue a linguistics major or specialist, so I’m very motivated to be a helpful contribution to SLUGS not only this year, but throughout my upper years as well. Having gone to many SLUGS study sessions, pub nights, reading groups, and other events, I have felt both welcomed and impressed by the incredible events SLUGS has put together, and I hope this role will allow me to support this process in creating memorable events for linguistics students.

Cynthia Sa

Discord servers and official websites are critical online platforms essential for SLUGS to reach out to society members and onlookers alike. As someone studying computer science and linguistics, and someone who has been a frequent user of Discord–as well as a staff member on a few large public to semi-public servers in the past–I am well familiar with the various ins and outs of both platforms. 

My name is Cynthia Sa, and I am an upcoming third-year SLUGS member. I am nominating myself for the position of Technology Director of SLUGS. I am experienced in both platforms that the Technology Director of SLUGS is responsible for overseeing. I have programming experience in HTML and CSS, with some proficiency in JS. I have also been a user of Discord for about seven years to the day, and I can very confidently say I am proficient in the ins and outs of server settings and day-to-day Discord server maintenance. I also have several ideas on how we can improve the current state of the server and increase engagement.

Beyond my technical experience with the platforms in question, I am also diligent in my responsibilities, and am very responsive to issues that may need my immediate attention. As a potential nominee for Technology Director, I hope to be able to provide not only reliable and efficient follow-through for both the Discord server and the website but to also assist in improving server health and website quality as well.