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Elections 23–24: Secretary

Hassan Khan

Hey everyone! My name is Hassan, I’m a linguistics specialist, and I’m hoping to be next year’s SLUGS secretary. I’ve really appreciated the events, both social and academic (TULCON!!!), that SLUGS has put on for students of linguistics, and I’m eager to get more involved. I’m currently an Assistant Executive of Equity & Education on Vic Pride, and a Program Assistant at the SGDO. In the past, I’ve co-founded a number of student groups, including my high school’s Linguistics Club. I’ve connected and formed relationships with several professors in the linguistics department, and I have experience coordinating and liaising between people with conflicting needs, an important skill for someone in as people-facing a role as secretary. For example, in my high school, I worked with administration to implement new policies, procedures, and training in response to complaints from the school’s trans population. Overall, these skills of leadership, accountability, and collaborative skills would serve me well as secretary next year.

Brigitte McPartland

Hello! I’m also greatly interested in the position of Secretary. This role demands good communication and organization, which I believe are my strongest assets, and additionally, I enjoy writing and interacting with others. My intention is to be a valuable member of the team, and I hope my work in this position can demonstrate my commitment to linguistics and SLUGS as a whole.

Cynthia Sa

Attentive, reactive, service-minded, organized, and a clean notetaker to boot–these skills have served me well over the years, and I would love to be able to apply them to the position of secretary for SLUGS. My name is Cynthia Sa, and I am an ASSU student entering my third year. Currently, I am both specializing in computational linguistics and majoring in linguistics. 

I feel drawn to the position of secretary for SLUGS because I come from a background that necessitates proficiency in delegation and communication. Alongside aptitudes that I’ve picked up on and utilized frequently as a University of Toronto student, I have also worked several years in both fast food service and campus tech support. I have often dealt with general issues and inquiries and delegated that information to others when appropriate. I have also grown familiar with the management and sale of goods, thanks to the former job that I have mentioned. 

A firm philosophy of mine is that it’s always critical to find methods in the madness. Especially in chaos, we must find our anchors and our plans. Only then can we enjoy the experiences and opportunities that entropy can offer us.