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Elections 23–24: Academic events coordinators

Hassan Khan

Hi everyone! I’m Hassan, a linguistics specialist who you may have seen around. I’ve really enjoyed SLUGS events like TULCON, movie nights, and the seminar with the philosophy course union. As Academic Events Coordinator, I hope to hold more seminar-type events and make them more accessible to students in lower years, such as by holding series specifically aimed at undergraduate-level research. I would try to organize more crossover seminars bringing in other departments like the Departments of Cognitive Science, Classics, or English, some of which would bring diachronic or otherwise new perspectives to linguistic research that we might not get exposed to as often. I’d formalize the reading group, making it a more broadly advertised event encouraging people to share articles they find interesting. I’d maintain the frequent FSGs and take feedback from students on how to improve them and other events.

I come from a background of student leadership and advocacy, which I believe is important in any executive position on a course union like SLUGS. In high school, I brought forward to administration complaints from our school’s transgender population about its policies and lack of transparency, and implemented new policies and training to address that. It is a priority of mine to make sure people understand they can turn to the SLUGS. If any of this sounds good to you, or you just want someone transparent, passionate, and experienced, vote for Hassan!

Kate (Jingyi) Zhang

Hi everyone! My name is Kate, and I am running to be your Academic Events Coordinator.

I am finishing my second year majoring in linguistics and specializing in psychology. Throughout this year, I have actively attended most SLUGS academic events and found them enjoyable. I appreciate this enthusiastic student community and wish to make valuable contribution in the future. I have led or participated RSGs during first year and excelled in every linguistics course this year. I also have experiences in language tutoring, so I am confident in providing effective help for academic-related issues. I worked as student volunteer during TULCON 16 and gained precious experience in event organization. Moreover, by participating FSGs, academic seminars and workshops, I have clear understanding about the aim and process of planning academic events in SLUGS. As your Academic Events Coordinator, I would like to provide more events benefiting students beyond courses such as information sessions about research projects and linguistics career pathways. Also, I would like to introduce more linguistics study tools for Study Resources Workshop. I really hope with my contribution, this community can become even better for all undergraduate linguistics students! Please vote for Kate!