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Schedule & Abstracts

(All in Toronto Time)

Day 1, Saturday March 5th

9:30 am Virtual conference room opens

Volunteers will present to assist attendees with technical issues

10:25 Opening remarks and land acknowledgement

10:30 Opening Keynote: Dr. Marisa Brook (University of Toronto)

Language play and linguistic change: When rule-breaking is rule-governed

Presentation Slides

11:25 Break

11:30 Amber Merrill (Grinnell College)

Censorship Evasion on TikTok: Methods of Verbal Word Substitution

Presentation Slides

12:00-1:10 pm Lunch Break

1:20  Katherine Lee (University of British Columbia)

The Effect of Face Coverings on Labial Production

Presentation Slides

1:50  Montreal Benesch (Reed College)

/s/tylizin’ the /s/elf: A First Look into the Concurrent Fluidity of Gender and Language

Presentation Slides

2:20  Diana Gil Hamel (University of Toronto)

A Phonetic Analysis of Irish Consonant Mutation

Presentation slides

2:50 Break
3:00 Poster Session

Left side of the room:

Aman Sakhardande (University of Toronto)

Loanword Stratification in Marathi

Right side of the room:

Runze Qian (University of Toronto)

“It’s not” vs. “It isn’t” in Three Registers from Canadian English

Day 2, Sunday March 6th

10:00 Virtual room opens
10:30 Friendly Mark H. Andrino and Nuje Mor S. Arsenal (Mindanao State University, Marawi Campus)

Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education: The Attitudes and Challenges Faced by High School and Senior High School Teachers in Zamboanga del Sur

11:00 Mechelle Wu (University of Toronto)

I Won’t Be Like: An Investigation of the Use of Constructed Dialogue in the Greater Toronto Area

Presentation Slides

11:30 Fatemeh Khavaninzadeh (University of Toronto)

Can Spelling Variation Have Social Meaning Too?: A Variationist Study of Persian

12:00-1:00pm Lunch Break

1:10 Patrick Kinchsular and Mikayla Oliver (University of Toronto)

Examining The Mass/Count Distinction in Kirundi and Tshiluba

1:40 Thomas Morton (University of Massachusett Amherst)

Can the mappings between thematic role and syntactic position be primed? Structural priming and the lexical boost effect in it-extraposition

Presentation Slides

2:10 Hannah Parrott (University of Massachusett Amherst) 

Children’s Comprehension of Extraposed Sentences

2:40 Break

2:55 Closing remark and keynote speaker introduction

3:00 Closing Keynote: Samuel Jambrović (University of Toronto)

Rigidity as a grammatically derived phenomenon