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Day 1

9 March (Saturday)

Sidney Smith Hall, SS 1069

9:15               Breakfast and Registration

9:50               Opening Remarks and Land Acknowledgement

10:00            Opening Keynote: Jessica Denniss, University of Toronto 

The mutual value of linguistic work with Indigenous communities: A perspective from Ngarinyman (Australia)

11:00            Break

11:10            Anissa Baird and Rachel Keir, University of Toronto (St George)

Word-Final Vowel Deletion: Italian’s Influence on Faetar?

11:35            Nadia Takhtaganova, York University

Me/My Variation in Tyneside English

12:00            Catered Lunch (Linguistics Lounge)

13:15            Aileen Song and Grace Ryu, University of Toronto (St George)

Exploring the universality of prodrop patterns: an analysis of Korean heritage and homeland speakers

13:40            Sarah Hoffman, University of Manitoba

Inflectional Morphemes inside Derivation: An Investigation of Oji-Cree

14:05            Breanna Brigitte Pratley, University of Toronto (St George)

The Importance of Methodological Choices in the Typology of Uncommon Phenomena: A Gilaki Case Study

14:30            Break

15:00            Poster Session (Linguistics Lounge)

Hiroto Kumakura and Yuji Shuhama,  Keiwa College (Japan)

Voice Mismatch between English and Japanese in SLA

Kai Ian Leung and Dr. Monika Molnar, University of Toronto (St George)

The role of voice familiarity during bilingual spoken language processing

Yu Cai, York University

Tones in Nanchang Dialect

Shailynn Athmer, University of Saskatchewan

Detecting Mispronunciations in Ongoing Speech: A Replication Study

Day 2

10 March (Sunday)

Sidney Smith Hall, SS 1069

9:30               Breakfast

10:30            Sarah Welton-Lair and Evan Platzer, Gordon College

Topic-valued Null-Subjects and Noun Class Agreement in Kinyarwanda

10:55            Ariadna Díaz Lopez, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Why are calqued idioms more acceptable than “genuine” expressions? A pragmatic case study of Catalan.

11:20            Mark Smith, University of Toronto (St George)

Choosing between VVPE and OG in Brazilian Portuguese

12:00            Catered Lunch (Linguistics Lounge)

13:00            Rosemary Webb, University of Toronto (St George)

Modifier Reduplication in Gilaki

13:25            Nazia Mosin, Lisa Sullivan & Dr. Yoonjung Kang, University of Toronto (Scarborough)

Gender Phonology of Urdu First Names

13:50            Break

14:00            Closing Keynote: Suzi Lima, University of Toronto

Language maintenance and revitalization in Brazil: a case study

15:00            Closing Remarks