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Elections 23–24: Internal president

Patrick Kinchsular

Hi everyone! I’m Patrick, some of you may recognize me as one of the academic events coordinators this year. As a linguistics specialist going into my fourth and final year and I want to make sure to give back as much as I can to the linguistics community before finishing my time as an undergraduate, and I hope to do so as your internal president. I’ve loved being an academic events coordinator and getting to organize events for the undergrad linguistics community at UofT. This year I started an undergraduate reading group for linguistics, and I hope to expand and ensure it lives on for many years, giving undergrads a space to present or discuss research. My experience with SLUGS and my love for linguistics means I’m passionate enough about the community here to be internal president. As an academic event coordinator, I organized academic skill/research workshops, seminars, and tons of FSGs. I want to take what I’ve learned from SLUGS this year to help make sure it runs as best as possible next year and that we give even more back to the community. I’ll offer more opportunities for undergraduates to connect with each other, as well as grad students and faculty. I’ll also make sure SLUGS actively represents and is there for students by adding office hours and regular surveys where members can voice their concerns that we may advocate on their behalf. I want to do as much as I can for the undergrad linguistic community and I hope you’ll trust me to do so.