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Elections 23–24: Design and marketing coordinator

Paula Arkhangorodsky

Hey everyone! I’m running to be your 2023-2024 SLUGS Design and Marketing Coordinator! In the 2023-2024 academic year, I’ll be in my fourth year of a Linguistics specialist and Math major, with a love for SLUGS and attracting people on social media and around the campuses to our events with regular posts, great posters, as well as helping out in general as a SLUGS exec member. I have experience creating posts and representing clubs on social media and around a campus, as well as experience running my own food account (@paulamall). As a general member of SLUGS who voiced their opinion plenty in the general assembly meeting and having attended most of the events for the last year, I would love to join the team and guide the team towards another successful year. 😀 While it’s not built into the role, I would love to find ways where SLUGS can be more eco-friendly and reduce things like garbage from events, food waste, and just overall being greener.

Design samples