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Saturday March 7th

SS1069, Sidney Smith Hall

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9:15Breakfast and Registration

9:50Opening Remarks and Land Acknowledgement

10:00 Opening Keynote: Pocholo Umbal, University of Toronto

Towards increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the linguistics classroom

11:00 Break

11:10 Milena Injac, University of Toronto

The use of the negative particle β€œne” in Quebec French news media

11:35 Justin Leung, University of Toronto

The unified loss of verb particles in Medieval French: a quantitative analysis

12:00 Lunch

13:15 Christopher Legerme, University of Toronto

Antimarkedness constraints in the lexicon?: Evidence from Haitian Creole

13:40 Nicoline Butler, York University

Intonation in Thai-accented English

14:05 Anissa Baird, University of Toronto

I am not my body: a preliminary study of gender identity, gender expression, and their effects on sex-based and gender-based variability

14:30 Break

15:00 Poster Session

Linguistics Department, 4th Floor, Sidney Smith Hall

Ryan MacDonald, University of Toronto

Onset and coda repair in phonetic loanwords from English into Mandarin Chinese

Joseph Jaros, University of Pittsburgh

Learning vocabulary through variable input: how interaction with multiple speakers affects lexical consolidation

Ewen Lee, University of Toronto

Fuzhou tone sandhi: complications and implications of an OT account

Day 2

Sunday March 8th

SS1069, Sidney Smith Hall

9:15 Breakfast

10:00 Yanfei Lu, University of Western Ontario

How do adult L2 learners acquire pronominal prefixes of Oneida (Iroquoian)

10:30 Xinyi Zhang, McGill University

Bilingualism, symbol grounding, and consciousness: a process-dissociation procedure in French-English bilinguals

11:00 Break

11:10 Rosie Owen, University of Toronto

Sweet songs and soft hearts: metaphor in Cuzco Quechua

11:35 Amelia Fineberg, University of California, Berkley

Semantics and grammar: gender in liturgical Hebrew

12:00 Ryann Soltero, Gordon College

Why-wh-movement in Korean

12:25 Lunch

13:45 Ernest Leung, University of Toronto

Derogatory terms in Hong Kong English’s first dictionary and their sociocultural impacts

14:10 Jingshu Yao, University of Toronto

Mom, talk to me in my mother tongue: SES and heritage language maintenance of East and South Asian Canadian community

14:35 Break

15:00 Closing Keynote: Prof. Keren Rice, University of Toronto

Theoretical and practical challenges of phonological variation

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